Agent of the Week - JONATHAN RAHIM!


Jonathan has been chosen to be featured as our Agent of the Week!

Read the interview questions below to learn more about this great agent.


What is your favorite part about being a real estate agent?

My Favourite part of being an agent is thinking on your feet. I like the challenge of negotiating and coming up with a solution that will make my clients proud to complete the transaction. Another favourite part of being an agent is hearing the feedback from clients for a job well done. I love helping people and knowing that I have positively influenced someone’s day is a great feeling and makes me proud to be a real estate agent. 


What is a goal that you have for yourself for the next year of your career? What do you want to work on the most and why?

The goal I have for the next year of my career is to do more commercial transactions. I have a passion for business, being in a position where I can help someone else’s business grow exponentially motivates and aspires me to work hard for them. What I’d also like to work on is securing more listings. I have a talent for marketing and would like more opportunities to showcase that talent.


What kind of coaching programs and seminars have you taken over the years and what is your favorite topic? 

One program that came to mind is the New Home Sales Course. I enjoyed taking this course because it helped sharpen some of my skills when it comes to home construction. It allowed me to eliminate some of the surprises that may arise when new owners take possession.  


What do you look forward to in bringing a Keller Williams to the Winnipeg market?

I look forward to bringing Keller Williams to the Winnipeg market, not only being a great brand, but the training and education is far superior to any other of its kind. One of the things I’ve noticed about Keller Williams is that it thrives on the success of all the individual agents, not just the owners of the company. It keeps everyone involved; no decision is made without the consulting of all the agents. It’s an open book when it comes to operating costs, as a numbers guy, I can appreciate that.


Charity and volunteer work is a big part of our philosophy. What kind of volunteer work have you done in the past and how did it make you feel?

I’ve done a number of volunteer positions in my past. I admire all the programs out there designed to target different populace and fulfill their individual needs. Two demographics that I have personally helped out with are children with behavioural issues no longer under the care of their paternal parents and adults living with disabilities. As mentioned before, I like challenges. I like situations that allow me to think on my feet…these programs do just that. There is no other feeling in the world than the satisfaction of helping someone in need, which is what I enjoy most about volunteering.  


So, when you have some time to yourself what do you like to do? 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending it with family and friends. I’m an outdoorsman at heart and enjoy taking off to the lake, doing some fishing, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, camping, etc. I’m an avid gym goer and enjoy challenging myself at Shapes. I’m a movie buff, I like all kinds of movies, but superhero movies are one of my favourites. Technology is a desire of mine too; I like to keep up to date with the latest gizmos and gadgets

J. =)

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We would like to give our new family member, Kristel Coldwell, a very warm welcome! We are very excited to have you join our team as a Living Real Estate of Winnipeg agent - in pursuit of obtaining the very first Keller Williams brokerage here in Manitoba.

We look forward to learning and growing together in our personal and professional lives! We have a very bright future a head of us with a company that has an amazing set of beliefs and goals. You will be, and already are, a great contribution to our team of great agents with big hearts!

Visit Kristel's profile on our website to learn more about her!

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Interested in the next massive education and training event in the real estate industry? Check out Family Reunion 2014! All agents welcome. This is crazy, but all the close hotels are sold out already!

Hotel information:
Ticket information:

(contact us at for more information on getting your ticket)

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Just what you've all been waiting for!

Mega Recruit Select is coming to Winnipeg on October 3rd, 2013 from 8AM-5PM at the Centro Caboto Cenre. This course is for all real estate salespeople and broker/owners as well as any mortgage professionals, lawyers, etc., in Winnipeg who want to build long term, successful businesses by recruiting the most talented and highest achieving individuals.

The Mega Recruit Select course is a single day, specialized event that will give you the information and tools you need to implement the hiring systems that will ensure that the best and brightest join your team.

The course objectives:

1. Build a pipeline of quality candidates and determine the qualities you need in a candidate.
2. Use and appreciate behavioural analysis in the hiring process
3. Learn to utilize and customize job profiles for roles and agent teams
4. Consult with individuals about their DISC and AVA behavioural assessments. (inquire about the AVA assessment when registering or call Jason Coward 204-880-5451)
5. Utilize a comprehensive interview process that builds trust and quality relationships

Our Broker/Owner, Jason Coward, has taken the course and this is his testimonial, "I attended this course June of 2013 in Seattle. What we learned was so profound I knew we had to take action and bring this program to our great city. If you follow the processes and use the job profiles your business will change in monumental ways."

 Registration is available at or contact Samantha Kreger ( for more information.

Don`t settle for good, aim for great!

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