We would like to give our new family member, Brandon Guenther, a very warm welcome! We are very excited to have Brandon join our team as a Living Real Estate of Winnipeg agent in pursuit of obtaining the very first Keller Williams brokerage here in Manitoba.

We look forward to learning and growing together in our personal and professional lives! We have a very bright future ahead of us, with a company that has an amazing set of beliefs and goals. You will be, and already are, a great contribution to our team of great agents with big hearts!

Visit Brandon's profile on our website to learn more about him! 

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Here at Living Real Estate of Winnipeg our commission structure is a little different than most real estate companies. We have something called an agent commission ”cap.” Once an agent hits their “cap,” all earnings are theirs and they begin to earn 100% commission!

Today we would like to acknowledge Lynne Heintz for reaching her cap and congratulate her on her ability to receive 100% commission on all future transactions!

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Skills to `Spark`a Great Career

Real Estate Training and Education Course




Begins November 27th, 2013 - Runs Bi-Weekly from 9-11AM
Invis Mortgage Building (2310 Pembina Hwy)

Imagine your business is thriving and your life is everything you imagined, you are a top agent, you`re ready to hire and lead a team to grow your business, your customers rave about the service you provide and you are receiving referrals from all of your friends and family.


This course is designed to help your business take off quickly and to be as productive as possible in a short period of time.

- Create a Path for Your Business

- Develop Productive Habits and Professional Skills

- Learn to Schedule Your Days and Expose Leverage Resources

- Learn the Value of Your Database and How to Automate It

-Determine Your Goals and Big Why

- Prospecting and Time Blocking

- Working with Buyers

- Making and Receiving Offers

- Learn the 4-1-1

- Pre-listing Package and Listing Consultation

- Pricing a Home Correctly and Creating a CMA

- How to Market and Service Your Listings



Please Call 204.880.5451

For More Information

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Boost Your Self-Control, Boost Your Willpower

  • Feed Your Willpower. Food doesn’t just fuel your body, it also fuels your willpower. A recent research study conducted at Florida State University found that when participants’ glucose levels dipped, so did their ability to fight off temptations. FSU psychology professor Dr. Roy Baumeister added that willpower requires energy just like any other activity.

Don’t skip meals or you’ll likely see willpower wane. Instead try to eat several small meals throughout the day, and focus on keeping your glucose levels regular.

  • Keep Focused. Distractions are the quickest path to downhill willpower. Remaining focused on long-term future goals will give you the extra willpower needed to push past temptations that are present.

Use positive visualization to see your long-term accomplishments rather than the temptation that’s in front of you. Studies from the University of Minnesota have found that positive thoughts and visualization can strengthen your resolve to stay on track.

  • Control Your Emotions. Giving into temptations is impulsive and emotional, whereas willpower is a reason-based cognitive process. By getting a better hold over your emotions you’ll resist the urge to act impulsively.

Refocus your thought of the reward. People with low willpower show more activity in the ventral striatum, which is thought to be related to processing rewards. Take a moment to think of the short-term reward versus the long-term rewards.

  • Put Temptations Out of Sight. If you come across a temptation, walk away. The out of sight out of mind concept plays a huge role in resisting temptations.

Practicing willpower will improve your self-control. Make working out your willpower muscles a short-term goal to better your chances to meeting long-term goals. You can use the ONE Thing resources to create and track goals, which is a proven way to increase your rate of success.




Original Source: http://www.the1thing.com/blog/66-day-challenge/66-day-challenge-how-to-use-your-energy-to-your-advantage

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