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Let us help you assess your big why and future vision. Our goal is to help you get where you want to be on personal and professional level.

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We are very proud to announce that Paul Friesen, of the Abe Friesen team, has joined Living Real Estate of Winnipeg in pursuit of obtaining the very first Keller Williams brokerage here in Manitoba. Paul, we wish you a very warm welcome!

We look forward to learning and growing together in our personal and professional lives! We have a very bright future ahead of us as we align ourselves with a company that has an amazing vision.

Welcome aboard!

Visit Paul's profile on our website!

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We are very proud to announce that the Abe Friesen team has joined Living Real Estate of Winnipeg in pursuit of obtaining the very first Keller Williams brokerage here in Manitoba. Abe, we wish you a very warm welcome!

We look forward to learning and growing together in our personal and professional lives! We have a very bright future ahead of us as we align ourselves with a company that has an amazing vision.

You will be, and already are, a great contribution to our team of great agents with big hearts!

Visit Abe's profile on our website to learn more about him!

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What is your favorite part about being a real estate agent?

My favorite part of being a real estate agent is the joy and excitement people have when helping them find a home or sell theirs, it’s truly one of the greatest rewards of this business.  The freedom and flexibility that come with owning my own business is wonderful and gives me the opportunity to focus on making people happy, and growing a business that I want to have.


What is a goal that you have for yourself for the next year of your career? What do you want to work on the most and why?

One major goal for 2014 is to donate a part of every sale I make to a charity I support. I want to work on creating a system that guarantees a portion of my sales is going back to supporting the community that is supporting my business.

What kind of coaching programs and seminars have you taken over the years and what is your favorite topic? Or what kinds of programs do you want to take in the future?

I attended Mega Recruit Select this fall with Diane Mitchell and it was incredible. I’d like to attend a seminar with John Maxwell one day. In the future I’d like to take programs that focus on personal growth and business strategies that try to stay ahead of the curve, being forward and recognizing shifting markets is very important. Technology is also one of my favorite topics.


What do you look forward to in bringing a Keller Williams to the Winnipeg market?

I look forward to shaking things up and bringing a new face to the real estate scene in Winnipeg. I know people are going to immediately notice a difference in the way we do business with a focus on relationships, community, and care driven service.


Charity and volunteer work is a big part of our philosophy. What kind of volunteer work have you done in the past and how did it make you feel? Or what kind of charities do you like to donate to?

I volunteered with Rainbow Resource Centre in Winnipeg, a community centre that focuses on services and support for Winnipegs LGBT* community. It was an incredible experience where I met amazing people and truly learned the value of acceptance and the power of positive learning. I have also volunteered with Red Cross, Kids Help Phone, MS Society of Manitoba, and was very active with student groups while in University. I also believe in donating to charities that help Winnipeg’s animal population, our pet friends need us just as much! Volunteering gives a sense of pride in the community because it brings together so many different people from so many different walks of life, volunteering in any capacity is the greatest way to build a community and recognize how truly incredible the human spirit is!


So, when you have some time to yourself what do you like to do?  

My husband and I love to travel, we frequent Las Vegas and are planning our first “all-inclusive” trip for this winter! When we’re at home we love to go for walks around our neighbourhood in St. James, work in our yard, and try new and interesting restaurants in the city. I love to read and enjoy making a hot cup of coffee with my French Press or my Chemex filter-drip with freshly roasted beans from Black Pearl in the North End. I also love brewing my own beer and wine in my basement! Our cats Pogo and Cool Beans complete our little family.

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