Guess Who's Coming to Winnipeg!

Guess Who's Coming to Winnipeg!

7 Non-Negotiable Steps to - Lead & Sales Mastery
Featuring Richard Robbins "Live" 
Thursday, May 12, 2016
Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport - Polo Park
9:30 am to Noon
Key topics covered:

  • 7 non-negotiable, market-proofed steps to succeed in a buyer's market.
  • The lead generating methods that are 20+ deal opportunities today. 
  • The top 3 lead systems that are producing consistent results in a buyer's market!


Here's some background infomation about Richard Robbin's and what they thrive to do.


Richard Robbins International Inc. (RRi for short) has been providing leading-edge sales and business training solutions to real estate agents, mortgage brokers and leaders at all levels since 1998. Our programs are delivered to countless customers worldwide through three primary channels – products (online and offline), events and customized coaching.


RRi’s matchless “no fizzle” approach combines leading-edge sales and business performance strategies with thought-provoking leadership concepts to achieve consistent breakthrough results. But the real secret is in our delivery. We know success is more than just knowing what to do — it is doing more of what we already know. Everyone is inspired to act by something – and it is our job is to find that something in you. RRi’s powerful methodology has helped literally thousands of real estate sales, mortgage and business professionals achieve unimaginable increases in sales, but more importantly, it has given them their lives back.



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