Lynne and Jason MasterMind With Gary Keller!


"You'd think the opportunity to mastermind with the CEO of the largest and most successful real estate company in North America doesn't come around very often. In Keller Williams it does. I discovered, during my second opportunity in 2013, that Gary and I share the same "Big Why" -he just happens to be playing a bigger game at this point. 

It's no secret now...My inspiration comes from seeing people succeed and being a part of their success. I know the reward I receive will be directly proportional to the value I bring to people's personal lives and their business both spiritually an financially.

I know our time on this planet is limited and I know I like helping people so forgive me for being greedy but I am going to get more than my fair share of what I like." - Jason Coward

"It was an incredible experience to listen to Gary talk about his big why. It just makes you want to be better, do better! I love this company! Well said Jason!!!" -Lynne Heintz

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