Mr. & Mrs. Real Estate is LREW's Agents of the Week!


Living Real Estate of Winnipeg has 17 FANTASTIC Agents who we are so all very proud of!  So it is with honour to present our Agents of the Week ... Mr. & Mrs. Real Estate!!


Some FUN FACTS about this Team?


Favourite Colour:  Red!

Ice Cream or Chocolate?: Ice Cream!

If we chatted with a few of thier friends about them, they would say?:  They are caring, loyal, dedicated, outgoing, hardworking and JUST TRUE GENUINE PEOPLE!

What made you decide to become Realtors and open your own Brokerage?:  We strive in helping people in one of the most important decisions in thier lives, ensuring they are lead on the right path when making decisions about home buying and selling.  Because we are so passionate about our career and feel people truly derserve outstanding service is why we opened up our brokerage.  We want to make a difference in how people view and deal with the Real Estate Industry and by committing to the huge step in creating a UNIQUE brokerage, we been given the opportunity to gather other fellow Realtors who possess the same qualities, goals and visions.


Any one of our Agents would be a #1 Choice to select from to JOIN YOU on your Real Estate Journey!  Call our office today!

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